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If you are looking to increase your store visibility, grow your sales and have access to the latest market prices - you are at the right place.

With Hargapedia's Retailer Price Sharing, you are now able to show your products to over 1,300,000 Malaysians who are constantly looking for the best deals and promotions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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With Hargapedia's Retailer Price Sharing, you are now able to show your products to over 1,300,000 Malaysians who are constantly looking for the best deals and promotions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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As a comparison platform, we have all the prices of brands and retailers from various channels - giving you the ease of accessing competitor's prices and use it to set your prices competitively to drive more shoppers to your store.

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    You choose what product you wish to feature and its prices. Once saved, the products and prices will be reflected in our app within seconds.

  • Free publicity by just sharing your prices

    Products with the best price are pushed to the top, shown to over ten of thousands of shoppers daily. The better your prices, the more visibility you'll get.

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More than just price sharing

Sharing your prices with us has many advantages but that’s just scratching the surface. When share your prices with us, it allows you to,

Access to a new market

With over 100,000 shoppers weekly specifically looking for the transect. This is not only limited to online shoppers but offline shoppers too.

Opportunity to convert competitor's shoppers

Hargapedia shoppers are always looking for the best deals available. If you have cheaper prices or better promotions, shoppers are more likely to buy your products instead.

Gain insight on your product's market price and set your competitive prices to attract shoppers.

We have all the latest prices available in the market updated daily. This is valuable information as it allows you to get to know what everyone else in the market is selling. You can then use this data to strategically set your prices and get more sales.

What's needed to join?

In order to ensure high quality of service levels in Hargapedia, only retailers that adhere to the following rules will be able to list their products on our platform.

  • 1

    Be an active retailer by updating your product/prices at least once per month.

  • 2

    Ensure all product, promotion & prices displayed are up to date.

  • 3

    Have Proof of Authenticity that you are a legitimate retailer/store.

  • 4

    Adhering to our Terms of Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some questions that you might have.

Please download this PDF to have a better understanding of the system.
Nope! It's completely free to sign up and share your prices with us!

To ensure that our users always get the best experience using our services and to prevent any misinformation, it is essential that all information is updated on a regular basis. The three main things we ask for are:

  • Accurate prices – your prices should reflect the prices shown in your store.
  • Constant update – if an item is no longer sold in your store or if there is a new promotion going on, do update it in the app so our users are aware.
  • Adhering to our Terms of Use which can be found here: Terms & Conditions
Kindly reach out to our dedicated team member at to put in a request to include more products.
Currently we have only listed up the top 500 products in Hargapedia but will continue to add more in the future. We also do not allow any custom product to be included to prevent misinformation of items.
The information required to make your profile is required to be accurate for verification purposes. As such, we do not allow changes to your profile details to properly represent your store. Should you require any update to your profile, kindly reach out to one of our dedicated team members at email with the proper documentation and they will assist you accordingly.
Our process is fully automated, so we do not encourage you to visit the Hargapedia office to sign up. After a successful signup, you will receive a call/email from our dedicated team in the next 2-3 working days.
Should you have a store without any online platform, kindly select the Physical store option and input your location details. This will allow users to be aware of the location of your store and can come to your store to purchase your items. Optionally if you have an online store, be it Lazada, Shopee or your own website, kindly select the Online store option so you can directly link users to your product page.
One of our team members will be in contact with you in 1-2 working days to verify your information. Once you have provided the details for verification, you will receive an email to set up the final step of your account.
Our retailer price sharing services are mainly to allow stores to share their prices for the products listed. Should you be interested in promoting your products or campaign, we have advertising spaces available that will further help you reach out to our users. Get in touch with one of our team members here to discuss further: Contact Us

We expect your prices to be up to date and accurate as displayed in your store. If we notice that your prices have not been updated or if we receive a complaint that your prices are inaccurate, kindly note that we will suspend the item from showing.

In the circumstances that there are multiple items that are showing the wrong prices, or if you have not updated your prices in a while, we will temporarily suspend your account until the prices are reflected properly.

Kindly reach out to one of our representatives at They will assist to investigate and clarify the issue. Once the issue has been resolved, your account should be live again immediately.

Kindly note that multiple breach of policy will result in permanent suspension of your account.